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How We Work

End-To-End Service

"Now that we've got your money - see ya later!" - Those Other Guys

From assisting with negotiations to final signatures and delivery, we're here to help. 

Let's get you max value for what you're no longer using - and at your service there till the goods are delivered!

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Shipping Coordination

"I love handling shipping and delivery!" ...said no one ever. 

It's one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle - and we take care of it so you don't have to. 

Let us take care of the transportation details so you can get back to making the WINE. 

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Product Variety

"Tanks, destemmers, rolling racks - oh my!" - Andy, Owner of WTB

It takes a lot to run a winery, and we want you to have exactly what you need.  With new items constantly being added to our inventory, you're finally gonna get that thing you've needed for 2 years!

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Thorough Inspections

"It's basically new!" - Craigslist

You know what feels good? Knowing that the thing you're buying WORKS. 

We'll make sure everything's good to go so you're not deciding based on badly lit pics & the (hardly) reassuring words of Barrel Bob's listing.  

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Aggressive Marketing

End-To-End Service

"I think I heard that Sally's niece's 3rd cousin is looking for some winery equipment. Should we call her and try to move these tanks...?"

- Well Intended Folks

We both know you'd prefer not to be the one to go around looking for a buyer for that destemmer sitting on the back lot. 

We'll market your goods so they get SEEN and SOLD - and Joey can stop asking you if you've posted it yet. Win-win. 

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Great Buyers & Sellers

"Wire, meet Transfer! I think you'll get along great." -  Smart  Person

What we do is a lot like a matchmaking. We bring interested parties together to make deals that make everyone happy. 

Let us introduce you to the one who's  got that crushpad you've been looking for!

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