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(6) 3434g Auto Punchdown Tanks | Lots GF1-GF6

(6) 3434g Auto Punchdown Tanks | Lots GF1-GF6

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(6) Defranceschi 3400g (10-ton) auto punch-down tanks. As fun as it is to do manual punch downs at midnight, these auto fermenters do them for you. You save on labor, get more sleep, and get rapid color extraction, letting you turn tanks faster during harvest. Parts available from Defranceschi USA. Located near Sonoma, CA


Lots GF1-3  (foam insulated) 

Capacity  3434g (10-ton)

Dimensions  18' 4"H x 7' 4"D

Manufacturer  Defranceschi

Qty  3


Lots GF4-6 Not insulated

Capacity 3434g (10-ton)

Dimensions 18' 4"H x 7' 4"D

Manufacturer Defranceschi

Qty 3


Location Sonoma, CA

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