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24-spout GAI, Arol, Impresstik Line

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Well maintained GAI, Arol and Impresstik bottling line runs ~ 105 bottles/minute.   Includes corker and screwcapper.  Located in Santa Barbara County, CA.

  • 2001 GAI model 5005A monobloc with sparger, 24-spout filler and 4-head corker

  • 2014 Arol model Europe VPA screw capper with VAK cap capability

  • 2002 GAI model 4608 capsule applicator and spinner

  • 2011 Impresstik 4000-VAC front, back and neck labeler

  • 2021 Domino 320 bottle coder

Plus:  Box Sealer, box Labeler, dump table, packoff table, conveyors. pallet stretch wrapper, plus numerous change parts.

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