December 1, 2021:  See you at the WIN Expo in Santa Rosa tomorrow. Anything you didn't use this season?  We probably know someone who wants to buy it.  Check out our new logo!


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Winery Downsizing or Shuttered?  Want to Sell Tanks & Equipment?

In 2021, we helped seven clients sell the assets of their shuttered or scaled back wineries.  Our turnkey inspection, valuation, marketing and logistics service takes care of everything, AND gets you market value for every item.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is in this position. Finders fee available.

1500g Red Fermenter

Lots MC1

1500 gallon channel jacketed, closed top tank. Tall, space-saving design. Mild steel stand. Upper and lower doors. 13' 2"H x 5' 2"D.  Located in Napa County.