July 21, 2021:  Harvest approaches!  We just added 1200g & 1500g removable lid tanks, all stainless bin dumper, 17 foot long belt sorter, and 2 shaker tables.

Check out our new Lab Equipment Page.  Financing available.   


All Stainless Bin Dumper

Lot AD23.  Unique hydraulic bin dumper. Incredibly well-built yet rarely used. New units priced at $13,000 or more. Located in Solano County. 


Sorting Table

Lot PW1.  Westec belt sorting table for berry or cluster sorting.  17' long x 3' wide.  Easily allows 8 sorters.  Located in Oregon. More 

$5,500.  Make an offer!

2237g Wide Diameter

Lots PE11-PE12.  (2) identical Westec closed top fermenters with welded legs. High diameter to height ratio ideal for reds.  Perfect for low ceilings. Located in Sonoma, CA.

$11,500 each