February 15, 2021: ​We added two Diemme presses 50HL and 80HL, a

Sutter 50HL membrane press, and a portable sump auger.

Let us help you find what you need for the 2021 crush.


600g Stainless Oak Hybrid Portable Tanks


Lots ER9-ER17  

9 identical Sonoma Stainless 600 gallon (2-ton) jacketed, portable fermenters. 49"H x 38"W solid oak panels on three sides. Beautiful tanks!  Located in Napa County.

$8,800 each

Sutter 50HL Membrane Press


Lot BW11  Sutter EPC 50HL all stainless, closed tank press. Regularly serviced and well-maintained. Bag replaced in 2017.  Several built-in programs + manual programming option. Located in Napa County.


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