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March 24, 2023.  With less than 5 months until harvest, it's time to move from 'browse' to 'buy.'  Recent additions: Two 3000g pressure tanks, auto pumpover pumps, and two 6-ton open topsSee over 50 tanks here


Lot TT3 Delta E1 destemmer.jpg

Bucher Delta E1

Lot TT3.  $10,200

Excellent condition. Well maintained and ready to ship. High bin clearance. Located in Healdsburg. More info here.  


Pellenc Destemmer

Lot SB12. 

The Pellenc Selectiv Winery G is a state-of-the-art destemming system.  Known for providing remarkably clean fruit with gentle motion.  Located in Napa, CA. More info here.

Lot FS4 Enoveneta 150HL press.jpg

"Near New" 150HL Press

Lot FS4

Enoveneta 150HL screen-style membrane press built in 2021. Always indoors. Current lead time for a big press is 12 months or more.  Located in Napa County.  More info here

Lot RP2.jpg

3 x 3060g Closed Tops

Lots RP4-RP6

3 x 3060g tanks with removable 74"D lids for use as open tops. Located in Sonoma. More

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