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1250g, 1400g Jacketed Fermenters
Lots WM5, WM6
​Top to bottom jacketed red/white fermenters with upper and lower doors. Located in San Luis Obispo County. Price includes stand.  Free delivery to SLO, SB and Monterey Counties. 1250g--$8,200, 1400g--$8,600.

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​​​ ​​​ Added July 29:  1250g & 1400g jacketed tanks, sorting table, grape elevator, heat exchanger.  List with us and turn your unused tanks and equipment into cash.

(2) 3000g Jacketed Fermenters

Lots WM33, WM34.  Matching jacketed fermenters. 3" drain, 2" racking and additional 2" mixing port. Price includes stands. Built by Zero. Located in San Luis Obispo County.  

$8,100 each


Mori Sorting Table

​Lot AL2
Model ​​TAV8300, stainless vibrating sorting/shaker table. 10 ft. long x 32" wide. On wheels with variable speed and adjustable feet. ~ $15,000 new. Located in Ventura County.