September 22, 2022.  As harvest continues, “I've got a great ambition to die

of exhaustion rather than boredom.”  ― Thomas Carlyle

Recent additions:  5 x 1600g Closed Tops,  Diemme 12HL Basket Press,

and two Kiesel Must Pumps

Lot WF16.jpg

5-Ton Open Top

5-ton Spokane Industries open top. Fully jacketed. On six stainless steel legs. 116"H x 74"D.  Located in Napa CA.  More info here.  


Lot VC5 Mistral 100 + elevator.jpg

Mistral 100 + Elevator

Lot VC5. 

Vaucher Beguet Mistral 100 vibrating sorter + integrated 2.5 meter grape elevator. Both well-maintained. Table is 39"W. Elevator belt 20"W with 2" cleats.  Located in Paso Robles, CA. More info here

Winery Downsizing or Shuttered? 

Time to Sell Tanks & Equipment?

We help our clients sell the assets of their shuttered or scaled back wineries.  Our turn-key inspection, valuation, marketing and logistics service takes care of everything, AND gets you market value for every item.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is in this position. Finders fee available.