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Mobile Bottling Line in Texas | Lot SC1

Mobile Bottling Line in Texas | Lot SC1

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Complete mobile bottling line trailer runs 50 bottles/minute. and 48' trailer.   Cork finish and screwcapper. 


  1. 2006 Poggio- Model FM97-16, 16-clamp automatic rinser
  2. 2006 Fimer- Model DRT2161-S.VA.G, 16-HD Stainless steel monoblock bottle filler and corker with screw cap change part.
  3. 2005 Nortan- Model 40R automatic capsuler applicator and spinner.
  4. 2006 Impresstik- Model 3000VAC, Pressure sensitive wine bottle labeler.
  5. 2020 LDS, electro steam generator corp model l-20 electric boiler
  6. dump table, packoff table, case sealer, 2 sterile filter housings, change parts and tools,  
  7. Plus a second 14 foot long "power trailer" with 2-stage air compressor and two transformers


Location  Texas


Lot SC1

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