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(2) x 3000g Pressure Tanks | Lots RC1-RC2

(2) x 3000g Pressure Tanks | Lots RC1-RC2

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Two 3000g closed top tanks pressure rated to 14.7psi (1 bar), which should be enough to let you carbonate wines for bottling or canning.  Pipe in Nitrogen or Argon from the top door and you can move wine without a pump!  Top door is built like a submarine hatch, so when you gas the headspace, it stays blanketed for a long time.  Built in 2014 by Spokane Stainless. 21'H x 5' 4"D.  Located in Sonoma County, CA.


Capacity 3000g

Dimensions 21'H x 5' 4"D

Stand/Leg Height 15" stainless steel stand

Doors 20" oval upper only

Top Door/Position 19", center

Racking Port (2) 2" ports

Bottom Port 2"

Sample Valve Yes

Thermo Wells 1

Manufacturer Spokane Stainless

Qty 2


Location Sonoma County, CA

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