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GAI Filler/Corker+ Nortan Capsuler + Conveyors | BY40

GAI Filler/Corker+ Nortan Capsuler + Conveyors | BY40

Lot BY40

Bottling Line (no labeler).  Manufactured in 1998, used moderately until 2009, then lightly until 2015.  Spare parts and service available from Prospero.  Currently stored indoors.  

Line speed: ~ 40bpm. 

Power:  240V, 3phase. 

Location:  Eastern Washington


Equipment list:

1.  Filler/Corker Monobloc

Gai model 3011 16 spout filler, 1-head corker monobloc.   


2. Cork Elevator

Faccio model XRT-3 corker feeding elevator.  No climbing ladders to feed the corker bowl.


3.  Nortan Capsuler

Fully automated capsule applicator and spinner with 8 spinning heads. Huge labor saving over manual foil application.


4.  Conveyors

Two bottle conveyors: 1 x 23', 1 x 13'.  Case unpacker/dump table with reducer, accumulation table, plus full case conveyor with 90 degree turn.

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