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Automated Bottling Line. 16-head Filler

Automated Bottling Line. 16-head Filler


Lot ER4.  

Complete automated bottling line runs 2700 bottles/hour.  Well maintained and lightly used--just 15,000 cases annual average.  Large variety of change parts. Spare parts available.  Located near Hollister, CA.  


  1. Sparger-filler-corker monobloc.  GAI model 3014 12-head sparger, 16-head filler, and single head corker.
  2. Capsules. GAI model 4616DTL automated capsule applicator and 6-head spinner
  3. Labels.  Kosme model 304 front and back pressure-sensitive labeler.
  4. Filtration.  Two-stage filter housing hard piped to filler.
  5. Extras:  3M Smartmatic case sealer, dump table.


Contact us for more photos and information, or for an in-person or virtual tour.

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