Additional crushpad equipment, pumps, tanks and other items may be available. 

Contact for more information.

Offering used stainless steel tanks in many sizes and styles.  Contact us for dimensions and bigger, better photos.  All prices FOB winery.  Tank locations as noted.

11,200g Tank. Lot AE1

Floor to ceiling jacketed tank in excellent condition. 3 additional 2" ports near base. Mixer attachment port. Stainless steel welded legs. Located in Hopland, CA.

Built in 2019!

13,200g Tank

Lot FB2


Still under warranty. Floor to ceiling jacketed red/white fermenter with custom mixing port for better agitation. Built by Quality Stainless  Located in Sonoma County.

Quality Tanks for Less!


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1000g Variable Cap.  

Lot RM1


Single wall, variable capacity tank with floating lid, winch and sample valve. Built in Italy by Lacoinox. No jacket. Perfect for small lot storage. Located in Livermore, CA.

(2) 3000g Tanks

Lots WM33, WM34


Identical jacketed fermenters. 2" racking and 2" mixing ports. Stands included.  Built by Zero. Located in San Luis Obispo County.