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Plate & Frame Filter

Lot SQ4


Criveller Alpha 40cm. plate and frame filter housing with 40 plates. Well maintained, barely used. Built in 2010. Located in Santa Cruz County. 

   Wine Tank Broker 

CRUSHPAD, filtration, corker

Additional crushpad equipment, pumps, tanks and other items may be available.  Contact andy@winetankbroker.com for more information.

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SK Membrane Press.  Lot SQ3


SK M-series PSP-8 Membrane Press. 800L (211g) capacity, perfect for small lot winemaking. Well maintained and lightly used by a 30 ton/year winery. Large, sloped hopper for easy loading.  Five built-in press programs. All stainless steel contact surfaces. Press and 40 gallon drain pan on wheels. Includes high quality cover. ~ $22,000 new.  Located in Santa Cruz County.

Diemme Crusher.  Lot SQ2


Diemme Kappa 15 destemmer-crusher. Excellent condition. Winery only produced 30 tons/year. 8-13 tons/hr. All 304 stainless steel, variable speed motor. 47" leg extensions let you crush directly into T-Bins. Easy connect hopper, high quality cover included. ~ $23,000 new.  Located in Santa Cruz County. 

Vacuum Corker.  

Lot SQ5


Bertolaso semi-automatic vacuum corker.  Clean, works well.  Perfect for oversized bottles and tiny lots.  Located in Santa Cruz County.