Wine Tank Broker 

Additional crushpad equipment, pumps, tanks and other items may be available.  Contact for more information.

CRUSHPAD, heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Lot FR1


All stainless must or juice heat exchanger built by Process Engineers. 3" product diameter. 20 foot long unit with 100 feet of cooling. Located in Southern Oregon.

Quality Equipment


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Mori Vibrating Sorting Table

Lot AL2


Model ​​TAV8300, stainless vibrating sorting table. 10 ft. long (3000mm) x 32" (800mm) wide. On wheels with variable speed and adjustable feet. ~ $15,000 new. Located in Ventura County.

Mori Grape Elevator

Lot AL1


Mori model NE2750  Belt dimensions 9' (2750mm) x 16" (400mm). Stainless steel frame. Variable speed. Adjustable up to 50 degree angle. ~ $15,000 new. Located in Ventura County.