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   Wine Tank Broker 

Additional crushpad equipment, pumps, tanks and other items may be available.  Contact for more information.

Quality Equipment


Inoxpa Pump

Lot BR2


0-30gpm rubber impeller pump with 50' remote control+ 50' power cords. Spare impeller included. Excellent condition. Located in Paso Robles 

Puleo HL45 Press.  Lot HC1


Well-maintained with updated control board.  30" clearance, empties directly into bins. Spare parts included. Serviced by Carlsen Assoc. Replacement membranes and service available.  

~ $75,000 new. Capacity: 45HL.
   * 3.2-4.4 tons whole cluster whites
   * 7-10 tons crushed whites
   * 9-14 tons fermented reds

Add'l. info here.  Located in Napa County.

Yamada Air Pump 

Lot MC1


Model NDP-25.

0-30gpm. Stainless steel wine contact surfaces. 1.5" triclover inlet & outlet.  Add'l. info here.   Located in Sonoma County.