Wine Tank Broker

We have several 1000-2000 gallon horizontal dairy stainless tanks available at bargain prices.  Contact us for photos and more information

3980 Gallon Tank
Lot B1


Sierra Stainless, jacketed, two doors, one inward opening. Fermentation and storage. Includes stand.

Quality Tanks for Less!


3000 Gallon Tank

Lot 0002

$6,300 obo

Santa Rosa SS, jacketed, insulated, single-door tank. Includes stand.  Dented, but holds wine.  Make offer.

Ask us about discounts on two or more tanks from same location.

3000 Gallon Storage Tanks Lots BE2 & BE3


Add a cooling coil or column and to create a fermentor at 1/3 the cost of new. 36" x 36" removable lid for open top fermentation.  No jackets. Identical tanks. Includes stand.

2000 Gallon Tank

Lot 0014 



Insulated, jacketed, single-door tank. Includes stand.

7 Variable Capacity Tanks.  558--995 gals.  Lots KB 1-7

$7,000-7,900 each.

A rare opportunity to get excellent quality, small variable capacity tanks at a fraction of new.  Produced by Westec and Sierra Stainless.  Each has a large square bottom door, forklift fittings, and winch for lid adjustment. Lot KR2 has a second door (pictured at right).  Pricing:.

Lot KB1 993g  $7,500 -- SOLD   
Lot KB2 995g  $7,900 -- SOLD
Lot KB3 875g  $7,500 -- SOLD    
Lot KB4 558g  $7,000 -- SOLD

Lot KB5 993g  $7,500 -- SOLD

Lot KB6 993g  $7,500 -- SOLD
Lot KB7 842g  $7,500 -- SOLD

4000 Gallon Tank

‚ÄčLot 0004


Insulated, jacketed, single-door tank.   Includes stand.

6200 Gallon Tank
Lot BE4


Chilled by internal cooling column instead of jacket, 4" bottom valve, 16" top door. Includes stand.

2500 Gallon Tank

Lot 0001

$6,000  obo

Insulated, jacketed, single-door tank. Includes stand. Dented, but holds wine.  Make offer.


Offering stainless steel fermenting and storage tanks ranging from 550 to 6,200 gallons.  Contact us for dimensions and larger photos. Goods located in Napa or Amador Counties.  Prices FOB winery.


2000 Gallon Tanks
Lots KB8 & KB9

$10,500 -- SOLD

Nearly new Criveller tanks purchased in 2014 and only filled 3 times. Two doors, large square bottom door. Very sturdy legs.  Identical tanks.